What Can Jason Help You With?

Learn about Jason S. Armstrong’s general areas of practice

Jason S. Armstrong is committed to providing quality legal services to residents in the Lufkin area. He can help you navigate the all-important process of estate planning. Jason aims to make the task less daunting and more digestible for his clients. The office of Jason S. Armstrong, PLLC is conveniently located in downtown Lufkin. It’s easy to get to our office for your legal needs. Visit Jason S. Armstrong today to discuss your legal needs with a qualified attorney.

Jason S. Armstrong can assist you with the following areas of estate planning

Guardianship: No one wants to think about someone else raising their children – but if you die or become incapacitated, you’ll be glad you have a document denoting who you want to look after your young ones. Jason S. Armstrong can help you with the formal process of naming a guardian for your child.

Wills and trusts: Make your wishes clear with a will or trust. These documents will show 1) who gets your property, 2) who takes over your business, 3) who makes medical decisions for you and 4) who takes care of your children when you are no longer able to do so.

Special needs estate planning: If you have a child with special needs, you need to be mindful about making future arrangements as to not impede their ability to get benefits. For special needs estate planning, call today.

Get an experienced attorney on your side. If you want to work with Jason S. Armstrong, he’s only a phone call away. Call 936-634-6400 right now to schedule an appointment for your consultation.